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  • collocation agency
    by info - 7 day ago
  • Called my cell in the afternoon, no message, clearly spam/fraud.
    by Rattatatat Rambo - 8 day ago
  • Called my cell in the eve, no message, clearly spam/fraud.
    by Rattatatat Rambo - 8 day ago
  • Called my cell in the afternoon, no message, clearly spam/fraud.
    by Ratattatat Rambo - 8 day ago
  • I asked for me I asked him who he was I who again I asked what he wanted and them who he represented and say he Could only talk I would not Identify my self and hung up
    by Abdel - Ras - 14 day ago
  • This is an IRS phone tax scam. Caller gives name and claims to be US dept of treasury. Caller claims taxes owed, and threatens arrest and seizure of assets unless you agree to pay immediately. IRS sends certified mail and does not threaten arrest. DO NOT give personal info, and report to Caller claims to be in Washington DC, but caller ID says Round Lake, IL
    by Nick Avillion - 18 day ago
  • Spam call saying Marriott has selected you for a free hotel room
    by xxx xxxx - 22 day ago
  • Text messages asking for money. Originally mentioned a dog shelter and working with the dog whisperer but devolved into merely asking for money for his hungry family
    by officer in Wisconsin - 22 day ago
  • these people call me at least 5 times a day. they don't leave a message ever and when I call back it is just a message that this is a non working number. FRAUDULENT!!!!
    by Elaine - 28 day ago
  • left same text from them saying they saw my profile on Styleseat. Scam . Said his name was "John" lol.
    by jayjay - 7 day ago
  • a convict!!
    by his mother - 11 day ago
  • dont trust!! a con and a thief!! been in jail for years
    by sam jones - 11 day ago
  • Telemarketer says that it's from Mariott and I won a free stay. Press 1 if you want to give your credit card number to a Nigerian prince.
    by MP - 12 day ago
  • Unlike the comment from anonymous, I receive between 4-6 calls per day. No one answers. VM only. I left a response that allowed me to be removed from their call list. I still receive calls from them. The last time I received a call from them, they informed me that I am on their no call list. The next time I will report them!\ Mike F.
    by M. Ferguson - 16 day ago
  • caller calls and harasses young girls, when he find their phone numbers
    by raven - 17 day ago
  • unknown caller sends disturbing text messages
    by dan - 19 day ago
  • I was told to call this number to verify a money track of $9,000.00.
    by Becky - 19 day ago
  • 3 words ... Horny Sandwich Gif
    by Anon - 26 day ago
  • calls and does not talk. just unwanted call from a a$$hole how has lots of time
    by 100 - 27 day ago
  • On 5 Mar 15, I received a phone call from "Criminal Investigation Unit of IRS, Agent Thomas Jackson badge #13110 who stated that legal action was being taken against (he gave two names of people related to me). He asked me for information that I would not give. He called me three times stating that I, too, would be arrested. He said, "You will get to know who I am when you go to jail." Later in the day I had four more calls.
    by Ada - 29 day ago
  • Caller states a specific relative is in jail and to send $8,000 to New York for their bond. Caller states not to tell anyone or call anyone or relative will not be released. Supposed gag order in place to explain this away. Police and FBI being notified at time of this posting.
    by JC - 1 day ago
  • keeps calling but doesn't leave a message
    by jessica - 8 day ago
  • Received a call fm a Steve Martin indicating a serious legal action needs to be resolved by contacting him at this #. It's a scam! Ignore it!
    by Virginia lady - 8 day ago
  • Robo-call once a day at the same time each day (WHILE I AM AT WORK) with a practically illiterate recording about a bogus "file number" regarding my elderly family member and saying the file has been "escalated." It seems pretty obvious to me that this is one of those fake debt collection agencies trying to scam people, especially preying on the elderly - real debt collectors send you information in writing to resolve the debt, not harass you with phone calls with a bogus "file number." Wow, shaking in my boots... a file number, what ya gonna do with that... soooo scared. Dumbasses.
    by Scambuster - 9 day ago
  • Spam call from Yext, trying to convince me to fleece my clients with their cruddy service.
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • A fraud. A rude, disrespectful, verbally abusive man who refused to identify the company he represented. He lies he said Iwas involved in a mediation and I am not. I want to press charges !!
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • This number claim that i won a Lottery
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • a voice msg was left for me; I called back and got a person with such a heavy accent it was almost unintelligible who transferred me to another person. that person answered and I guess disconnected as they were no longer there I called three times and same routine!!!!!!!
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • Called back the number and it's stated that the number is no longer in service. That happened quick. Called me 1 min ago. Blocking this number.
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • When answered phone the caller hung up. Called the number back and hip Hop music was played. Call was made at 11 pm.
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • This is a scammers trying to request access to your computers remotely and charge you $90 to "clean" your computer. Do NOT allow them access to your computer. They also claimed to be from Lexis in Clearwater, Florida. This number is based out of Texas.
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • Continues to call which I now consider harassment. Never leaves a message.
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • calling looking for us to make a donation to the fallen men and women police and money to be given to their families. Braintree ma number
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • The same thing is happening to me. But they call all day continuously. I have attempted to answer the call but no one is on the line. There is only music playing, not even a sales pitch comes on. Honestly, Just want them to stop calling.
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • Prank calling...Blow for sale!!!
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • kept calling from the treasury dept evertime he calls steve martin he gives me a different numbei or, why doesnt the fbi or someone do something to these foreigns
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • this number keeps calling and hanging up as well i am kyle P from kitchener
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • They call me at noon and they aseked my name and after they hang up. I tried to call them back, but it sounds the ring busy.
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • I got an email with the same number nine 78 5 nine 3 nine 330, saying we could chat. Spam I would guess
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • Selling [***] pills. They dont work.
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • Recording is in Spanish. I have no idea what this recording is trying to sell me. I read other online comments and it appears to be a company trying to sell loans to spanish speaking people.
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • My caller ID program says Shane P Dooley, Phoenix, AZ. No message
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • I received a call today from this number 4154646300 by a person identified as Mike Zepeda. He said he was an investigator. I have no idea what this call was about.
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • Received text claiming I had a photo. Scam. Didn't open.
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • There's no reason why a hospital in Spokane would be calling my number on the other side of the country, I suspect this "Private Name" is spoofing and putting other legit numbers in place of their own. I answered only long enough to hang up.
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • I received a call twice in a day from this company asking for Roxana. I told them there's no one here by that name. They called again!!!
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • dear sir I received a sms and fake call from this number please tell me last location
    by anonymous - 20 day ago
  • This number keeps calling us on our business line. When I called it back, I got hung up on. They answer with ""Diversified Consultants".
    by anonymous - 20 day ago